Bar & Menu Consultation

Opening a new concept? Ready to update an existing one? I'm here to take your concept to new heights!

Custom and Classic Cocktails

Whether your bar is looking for custom cocktails tailored towards your concept or assistance in which classic cocktails are a match, we can find the perfect balance to help your concept to cocktail success!

Menu Development & Writing

Experience in writing menu descriptions, developing cocktail names to match the concept, and organizing the cocktail order on the beverage list.

Draft Cocktails

Consistent, Sustainable, Craft.  Draft cocktails are an innovative concept that can take your bar to the next level. 

Budget & Costing

Vast experience in providing and assisting in pricing out cocktails, following a requested budget, and keeping cost within requested margins.

Glassware and Equipment

Nothing sets apart a cocktail like the perfect glass to pour it into it or the proper tools to make it happen. We are able to provide assistance in picking glassware, proper bar tools, ice machines, sinks, drink wells, ice bins, and anything else to set your concept up for success.

Staff Trainings

You have new what? We are happy to provide training to your staff to give them the tools to make & sell your new cocktails! There is also separate educations available for spirits, beer, and wine training!