...a memory that will last a lifetime...

 Wow! Totally blown away by the experience of having Michelle mix, shake, and teach all of us how to make a proper drink the other day. If you're the type who gets mega bummed when you order a Negroni and it comes out with a bunch of small ice cubes and a slice of old orange- have no fear! Michelle is someone who exudes quality and intention in every step of her cocktail creation. Hand cut rocks of ice, fresh squeezed juices, and precise and consistent drinks that are just straight up delicious. We had Michelle do a little cocktail class for my brothers bachelor party and it was the highlight of the entire weekend. She brought proper glassware, the perfect ice, the nailed the garnishes- I was thrilled to be drinking drinks that were so spot on in the midst of a Rittenhouse Square Air BnB. I will never forget my bachelor brother and I clinking our Penicillins (fresh lemon/ginger juice, large rock, float of Laphroig 10, candied ginger garnish... I mean come ON) while overlooking the city and thinking "Damn, life is pretty effing cool". Thank you Michelle for a memory that will last a lifetime.

-Luke R.